Derya OZPARLAK  graduated with a BFA  in Sculpture  from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Anadolu University with an honours degree in 2008. She has participated  in numerous group and solo exhibitions, art fairs and symposiums, and received  many awards. Her works produce a sense of identification through the use of emotional aspects of societal issues by drawing attention to their messages. Her designs embody the flexibility of metal  as a medium as well as incorporating its perceived coldness. The sculptures show the angst and conflict of life and the illusion of emancipation from this struggle through being shackled to the balloons.Derya lives and works in Toronto/ ON

"The original concept of the balloons were to be speech and thought bubbles with keywords written on them but I thought it was too restrictive, So the balloons evolved into an open concept representing the illusions, people feel about hope and freedom in reality many people are tied to their past life experiences and prevents them from truly realizing their aspirations."

Selected exhibitions:

 2018 “The Brain Project” Toronto/ Canada

2018 Oeno Gallery Outdoor Exhibition Toronto/ Canada

2018 Gallery MC Grulier France

2017 WJCC “Diverse City” Canada150     Toronto/ Canada

2017 "Artist Project Toronto" Contemporary Art Fair Toronto/ Canada

2016 “Engage The Past To Create The Future”In Situ Mississauga Toronto/ Canada

2016 Art Base Project “A Remix Of The Local” Istanbul- Turkey

2015 Contemporary İstanbul “Gallery Ilayda” Istanbul -Turkey

2015 Gallery İlayda “Summer Collective” Istanbul -Turkey

2015 Proje 4L Elgiz Müzesi”Plaza Worker” Istanbul -Turkey

2015  42 Maslak “Maker Culture”  Istanbul -Turkey

2014 Şişli “Young Sculptor” Maçka Garden Istanbul -Turkey

2014 Zorlu PSM “Perspective” İnstallation Exhibition Istanbul -Turkey

2014  Proje 4L Elgiz Museum”Terrace Exhibitions” <40 Istanbul -Turkey

2014 “İstanbul Breeze” Benerialto NYC-U.S.A

2014 Armaggan Art“States of Material” Istanbul -Turkey

2013 Ege Art Fair İzmir -Turkey

2013 Hilton Asmus Contemporary Gallery”Istanbul Breeze” Chicago-U.S.A

2013 Sofa Art and Design Fair  Chicago-U.S.A

2013 Korean – Turkey  Art Exhibition CRR Istanbul -Turkey

2013 Armaggan Art “7-24 Vol 2” Istanbul -Turkey

2013 Proje 4L Elgiz Museum”Terrace Exhibitions” <40 Istanbul -Turkey

2012, Arte Istanbul “Beyoğlu-Beyoğlu”Istanbul -Turkey

2012, 71th National Museum of Painting and Sculpture Ankara-Turkey

2012, Proje 4L Elgiz Museum”Terrace Exhibitions” <40Istanbul-Turkey

2012, Rotary Art Exhibition, İstanbul-Turkey

2012, Rh+Art magazine "The Young Sculptor of the Year", Istanbul-Turkey

2011 Frühlingserwachen festival  sculpture exhibition Berlin-Germany

2009, 69th National Museum of Painting and Sculpture, Ankara-Turkey

2007, Başkent Rotary "Become Leader" sculpture contest exhibition, Ankara-Turkey

2006 EMA, International Stone Sculpture Symposium Exhibition Almeria,- Spain

2006, Erdemir Steel, "Steel and Life" sculpture competition exhibition, Ankara-Turkey


Outdoor and Selected Collection

2016 “My Life” KVK Collection Istanbul-Turkey

2016 “Voyage” Mercure Art Hotels Collection Istanbul-Turkey

2015 “Puzzle” Imago Mundi -Luciano Benetton Collection – Italy

2015 “Space” ” Polimeks Museum Colletion – Istanbul-Turkey

2014 “Lightness” White Room Gallery Capri- Italy

2014 “Unknown” Polimeks Museum Colletion – Istanbul-Turkey

2014 “Seyrusefer” Hanzade Doğan’s Collection Istanbul-Turkey

2014 Zorlu Center P.S.M “Perspective” Installation Istanbul- Turkey

2014 “Lightness” Odeabank Levent 199 Collection Istanbul –Turkey

2013 “Time of Lightness” Proje 4 L Elgiz Museum Collection Istanbul- Turkey

2012 “ Violinist” Askaynak Collection İstanbul- Turkey

2010 “Tango and Musicians” Installation G.antep- Turkey

2010 “47. International Antalya Golden Orange F